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Internet retailers allow it to be so convenient for us to purchase the things we require. We can buy just about any products we want from our phones and tablets and have them delivered to our doors. What is E-Commerce Startups? E-Commerce Startups is a booming industry in Australia, with online retail sales totaling over billions . So if you’ve got a great idea for a product or service that can be sold online, this guide will help you start an E-Commerce Startups in Australia.

Use up/down arrow keys to boost or reduce quantity. 6 steps to starting an E-Commerce Startups business in Australia. There are so many things to sell online — clothing, handmade jewelry, workout gear, original art, shoes — you name it. Here’s how to do it.

Know your market and your competition.

  • Create business and marketing plans.
  • Register your business.
  • Get a matching domain name.
  • Create your Ecommerce website.

Our Deliverables For E-Commerce Startups

Responsive Design
Setup Payment Gateway
Design Customization
Content Upload
Number of Pages
Number of Products
Plugins/Extensions Installation

Let’s touch quickly on the types of businesses best-suited to ecommerce sites before we dive into the startup steps.

What kind of businesses suit an E-Commerce Startup?

Ecommerce is the perfect addition to just about any bricks-and-mortar shop, from clothing boutiques to flower shops. Anything that can be posted or sent by courier can be sold online: gifts, homeware, art, fashion and accessories, sporting goods, toys, furniture and more. The list of things to sell online is virtually endless. In fact, ecommerce is perfect for specialty and niche products because you can reach customers anywhere in the world.

The financial systems of any electronic store ecommerce revenue are a great opportunity for completely new companies because the setup expenses are lower than for any retail shop. You don’t have to commit to expensive shop rental and fit-out costs. All you need to set up an ecommerce business is a great product, a marketing plan, a website with a secure payment portal and a way to deliver products.

If you’re offering online courses or other web-based business services, customers can buy and download your courses from the comfort of their homes. Once your course videos are created, you can earn ongoing income from online sales.

How to set up an ecommerce company that works 24/7? A successful ecommerce business helps make funds even as you rest.

Preparation is critical. Your ecommerce business is far more likely to succeed if you take the time to plan and test the market. Set up your business with the minimum viable model, so you can learn and grow your business as customer demand increases.

Here are the steps to setting up your E-Commerce Startups.

1. Know your market and your competition: You’ve got a great idea, but does anyone want to buy what you’re selling? Go through market research to make sure there is demand for your product or service. Is your product unique? Maybe someone else is already selling something similar. If they are, you need to understand your competition.

How can your product be different or have an advantage over theirs? How can you communicate the difference to your customers? Invest time and money in market research. To confirm your ecommerce idea is viable, make sure there is enough demand from customers to buy your product or service. Don’t be afraid to adjust your initial idea if your research uncovers a better one.

2. Generate enterprise and marketing plans: Start with writing your company program making use of the free template here. A business plan helps you clarify what you’re selling, how you’re going to make and sell it, your budgets for expenses, your business cash flow, and how you’ll measure your success.

There are lots of free resources to help you start your e-commerce business. Design your marketing and advertising program using this totally free format. A marketing plan helps you understand your competition, clarify who your customers will be, how much you’ll charge, and how you’re going to promote or advertise your business.

3. Register your business: If your market research and business plan determine that your business is worthwhile, you’re ready to formally create your business. Next step is to get an Australian Business Number (ABN) and an ASIC-registered business name. Stumped for a business name? Get start-to-finish help on picking a winning name to call your own here.

4. Get a complementing website name: It’s a smart idea to make your company logo and domain name smartly to ensure they match. This makes it easy for customers to remember your business name and website address. Nothing is more confusing than a business named Melbourne Wellness Solutions that uses for their web address.

5. Create your ecommerce website: The next step is to create the online store itself. An ecommerce website needs to:

    • Make it easy for shoppers to select items and check out.
    • Safely accept and process payments.
    • Manage inventory.
    • Collect customer information and ship purchases.

The most important feature is that ecommerce websites must be secure, to protect your customers’ personal data and credit card details from theft.

Ecommerce McAfee Secure Seal:

This is why do-it-yourself store builders like GoDaddy Online Store include SSL certificates, along with security seals to display on your ecommerce website. Such visual indicators reassure shoppers they’re safe to submit private data like banking details upon making a transaction with your business.

Be certain your online retail store is cellular-friendly. Customers should be able to browse and buy your products entirely on their mobile or tablet. According to the Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2017, the number of Australians who made purchases from online shopping sites on their mobiles rose 25 percent in 2016. These days, people want convenience, so if they have to switch to a desktop to complete their purchase, you’ve lost the sale.

Options for building your store:

You only need to type “build an ecommerce store” into your browser to see that there are many options out there. Two of the most popular ecommerce options are:

  1. A WordPress web store:

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. There is a learning curve to using WordPress, but you’ll have no trouble finding tutorials online. You’ll also find thousands of themes you can use if you want to DIY. If you don’t have the skills or the time, you can engage a professional website designer to build your custom site.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to add an online store with secure payment processing to any WordPress website.

Not big on doing regular WordPress maintenance like updates and security patches yourself? Try GoDaddy’s WordPress Websites — you get all the control and flexibility of WordPress without the drudgery of upkeep.

  1. Shopify

You can also build an online store yourself on Shopify with intermediate computer skills. A Shopify online store can be completely customized to suit your business and products and includes secure credit card payments.

Shopify also integrates with product tags for Instagram, Amazon, Pinterest and Facebook, to show your products to more customers through targeted ads.Other ecommerce options you might want to consider include Stripe and PayPal. Do your research and decide which platform will work best for your business. 

Editor’s note: Learn what the big online retailers already know — read our start-to-finish guide to building a high-performing ecommerce website.

Learn about SEO: For virtually any business that exists purely on the internet, your website is the only real ‘face’ of your own company. If customers can’t find you, you’ll miss out on sales. And in order for customers to find your store, search engines must find it first. So you’ll need to become skilled at search engine optimization (SEO). This is the process of making sure search engines find and list your website on search results pages.

When customers search online for “floral silk scarf” or “men’s runners size 10”, Google and other search engines show results that closely match the words they typed.

You need to know what words your customers are using when they search online for your products, so you can add those words to your online store. Keywords are just as vital for verbal search, a practice more and more Australians are adopting. Learn more about how to find your keywords here.

Customers don’t always know what they desire. They might be searching for a solution to their problem. So the best search term might not be the exact name of your product.

For example, it might be a question, like “How to clear a blocked shower” and the answer they need is on a website about a drain cleaning product. Or they might search “Best gifts for Mother’s Day” and the solution is a website with lots of beautiful gift ideas, with fast and free shipping.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Because it entails adding keywords and tags to the content on your E-Commerce Startups, optimizing is best done while building your website. That way you create your website with solid SEO principles to please Google and win more customers. Start with the free tools and tips. If you’re not getting results in a few months, bring in the experts.

Expert copywriters create compelling item descriptions to persuade customers to buy your product or service. Most web copywriters also specialize in SEO, so they’ll create website copy that includes the words your customers are searching for.

You might need to invest in SEO services and targeted ad services such as Google AdWords until your organic rank increases. Have a buffer, and be patient. Your business may not generate a full-time revenue for some time. It helps to calculate your breakeven point, as this is a useful barometer of how you’re doing. If you can set your new venture up on the side of other work, do that first to give your business time to grow.

Having a savings buffer will help ease some of the financial stress if your business is slow to start. The list of things to sell online is literally endless, so that should be your first decision. Then read up on the business links above and create your plan. When you’re ready to go, register your domain name at GoDaddy and start building your brand new E-Commerce Startups. Tap into some of that $41 billion potential!

Our Key Services:

E-Commerce Startups:

Starting a drop shipping business is probably one of the easiest ways to earn money on the internet in 2020. The expansion of craigslist and eBay, Shopify, Amazon and Etsy along with other on the E-Commerce Startups and platforms indicates that anyone can begin an online store for as little as $20. But with the buffer to entry being so lower, drop shipping has skyrocketed in recognition in the last decade, meaning that several financial markets are highly very competitive.

Amazon: By far the most well known in the on the internet marketplaces, Amazon has been said to possess 300 million energetic customers. In 2016, more than 100,000 retailers produced a lot more than $100,000 on Amazon.

Amazon online marketplace provides extra services including satisfaction by Amazon. Charges fluctuate a lot, but it’s predicted that many sellers pays about 15% of the sale cost to Amazon. It’s a well-known choice for drop shippers.

Auction web sites: Craigslist and eBay has been said to possess 171 million productive users with about 1 billion products outlined across 190 diverse marketplaces. Auction websites charges listing fees (but offers a restricted quantity of totally free sale listings) and purchase charges, which can be usually under 10%. Craigslist and eBay has a public auction option as well as works being a normal on the internet retail platform.

Etsy: Etsy is said to have 54 million participants, about 2 million active retailers, and about 32 million energetic buyers. It’s very popular with women (84% of vendors are female). Etsy has established itself being a more stylish on the web marketplace with a concentrate on projects, homeware and disciplines and handmade items. Bonus: For any full list of alternative online business systems, look at this publish.

Making your personal webstore: A lot of drop shippers take the course of starting their very own web store. While it needs more purchase up front, this really is the greatest long-term option for earning money and constructing a business online. There are plenty of on the internet resources, like Shopify and SaleHoo Shops, which make it quite simple to start.

It costs money to set-up and design and style your very own shop (website hosting etc). You lose out on the guaranteed traffic (customers) from established platforms

It takes time for you to get ranked on Yahoo and you’ll have to invest in SEO and marketing. If you have the money and time to invest in your drop shipping business and you’re planning to stay in it for the long haul, then starting your personal retail store is a great alternative, especially with set up platforms getting increasingly more saturated each and every year.

Applying a client purchase approach: Now that you use a marketing system for your drop shipping business, you need to bring in clients for your shop. This is where a client purchase strategy is available in. Customer purchase is the art of persuasion.

You can imagine it as being advertising and marketing. Seems expensive, proper? Nevertheless it doesn’t need to be. You can consider the fast (paid out) path or perhaps the slow-moving (totally free) way to gaining new clients. Let’s have a look at both methods in more degree.

Final results (paid out) facebook advertising for E-Commerce Startups:

Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking program. It’s an excellent place to market your items that you can make use of a massive audience. This is how facebook can make its cash, so every customer you obtain through this technique comes with a cost. Facebook or twitter advertising are a great option for the subsequent good reasons:

It’s simple to start. You manage exactly how much you would spend on a daily basis. It is possible to target highly-specific demographics place and passions, partnership status etc). It could yield quick results and it helps to boost brand awareness. An excellent advertisement or increased post will go viral. 

Google Ads for E-Commerce Startups:

Yahoo is definitely the world’s most widely used internet search engine certainly. For those who have an online retail store, you want it to get ranked on page one of Yahoo. It is possible to achieve this naturally, or you can get advertising to your store to appear at the top of the page for the keywords you want to get ranked for. Google ads are a good choice for these reasons:

You are able to attain great visibility in search outcomes. It’s the biggest advertising system on earth (Google search, YouTube, Gmail). You are able to target highly-particular demographics (location, vocabulary, device and so forth). Google ads are quite effective for E-Commerce Startups. 

Influencer marketing and advertising has turned into a large element of customer acquisition for store manufacturers recently. It may perform a significant part for any customer acquisition approach in 2019. It could be particularly effective in case you are within a stylish market.

For example, if you’re marketing a whole new type of bag, you could reach out to an Instagram model and see if they will talk about a post of them with the handbag, tagging your company. One article may result in a lot of new fans and customers.

The cost of influencer marketing and advertising is dependent upon how famous the influencer is. A post from Kim Kardashian might cost $250,000, although a publish coming from a product with 10,000 fans might only cost a few hundred bucks.

Content Marketing and advertising:

This most commonly requires the shape of a blog on the shop site, a Youtube station, stylish Instagram articles, or witty articles on Tweets. Content advertising is meant to entail the creation of useful articles that can help to build an audience that one could then convert into clients. It’s much less explicit as advertising and marketing and should be a little more about serving your audience than your brand name.

Social Networking:

It’s getting harder and harder to accomplish organic achieve on social networking, but it is still feasible. Whenever you can consistently produce and talk about fantastic articles on your own social media marketing channels you’ll eventually create a subsequent, which you can then turn into consumers.

Email Marketing:

Developing an email list remains probably the most effective means of acquiring clients. You want a method of recording email addresses, for instance a demand to indication-up at take a look at, or an provide or levels of competition that will require an email address. Once you have a reliable list of contact information you do have a way of getting to a big group on a regular basis, for free.

Carry on and update your website. Work on your SEO and produce higher-quality articles to bring in visitors. Sustain your connection together with your provider. Always keep tabs in the goods you’re offering and, when you’re prepared, look into incorporating much more (Touch: You can use SaleHoo’s consumer research laboratory to discover hot new products).

Keep up with your customer service, provide solution emails and concerns, improve your FAQ web page, refine your ads, run prize draws, and promote like crazy. We hope you’ve loved this article explaining how to E-Commerce Startups.

However, if you need help for your E-Commerce Startups contact us today

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