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We are a leading SEO company and we understand the content and design of websites that SERP loves to index. To get your website rank higher on a search engine, contact us today.

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Grow Your Website Organic with C2M SEO Company

Search Engine Optimisation is more than just doing keyword research, optimizing images, or meta tags. Here at Consult 2 Manage, we believe that SEO is a combination of different strategies and steps which one has to undertake to increase the outlook of their website in the search engine. We believe that a good SEO company services need time and a sheer amount of data analytics to put the efforts in the right direction.

Every website needs a different type of treatment and work, as every website is designed in a different way. For example, an E-Commerce website SEO plan will be different and will be more focused on product listing optimization, whereas a blogging website will be more focused on blog outlook and content optimization.

Keeping this in mind, we have defined different strategies of search engine optimization like any good SEO service company would. We have an extensive understanding of marketing SEO Company services, on-page SEO services, and different concepts and SEO needs of a business. We specifically focus on improving user experience while we use our resources effectively to understand user behaviour patterns on the website. We provide one of the most affordable SEO services around the world. 

Grow Your Website Organically with C2M SEO Company


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How do we do SEO?

To keep a good record of our efforts, we define KPIs at the start of the project and we’ll regularly update you on the progress of your website. We’ll also set up the data regulatory monitoring to monitor the changes by integrating a dedicated Google analytics view and dashboard. In the case of E-Commerce, we define a purchase journey funnel to understand user behavior patterns on the website. After continuous data collection and efforts, we can integrate analytics view to data studio so that you can keep an eye on the changes which take place on your website.

In addition to this, we also work on how the website is presented on the search engine and what part of the website is indexed. We solve all the back end issues that either involves chronological issues, duplicate content issues, HTTPS Status codes, submitting XML site map,  or bad gateway status codes.

Our SEO services:
We provide the best services in optimizing your website mobile speed either by introducing amplified mobile pages to it or converting it into a progressive web service App. As keywords are important and their trends have been changed with time, we use a combination for keywords strategy which involves short and long-tail keywords to make your content unique and to make the website content more user friendly. Our SEO company consultant services include website SEO services, organic SEO Company services, and business SEO Company services.   

In addition to this, we use relevant data structure markups and query structures to win search engine zero places. We’ll regularly monitor your website ranking and regulate the changes in the health of the website by optimally using analytics and web console tools. We’ll regularly monitor your website health and maintain a low bounce rate. Considering the importance of your website landing pages experience, we invest our efforts in improving user experience on the main landing pages by looking into the data analytics.

We help you create quality content by providing you valuable insight into your competitor's content. We strongly recommend and personally understand the importance of understanding the competitor efforts because it not only saves time but also give us an edge to get more rewarding ideas by investing little to no time.

We’ll also help you earn good authority back link by personally contacting key opportunities or giving you leads to such contacts. In addition to this, we’ll help you generate high-quality content by giving you valuable insights and provide you all valuable resources like keywords, description tags, data markups, readability score, and much more. We’ll help your website with the best security protocol setup.

In short, we can be the best advocates for your website on the search engines. We have the understanding and certification from industry, top platforms, and software. We aren’t a big team but rather a small dedicated team that can cater to your needs and give your website more personal care. We are transparent in our dealing and we believe in a fair play.

Some of the key platforms we use for SEO Company management are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Moz
  • Majestic
  • Ahrefs
  • SemRush

We value your business and we try to give you the best outcome for your investment. We are flexible in term of dealing but strict in the quality of our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine optimization is a methodology to make one’s website search engine friendly. The methods and techniques of doing SEO vary from website to website. However, its an organic method to reach potential clients.

How to use keywords for Search Engine Marketing?

The keywords are words or group of words that people use to find a service or product. In SEO, we use keywords to make the website more relevant to searches and in this regard we highlight keywords by placing hyperlinks or make them bold.

Why SEO is important ?

It’s important because there are a lot of websites that have relevant content and with the increase in numbers, the competition has become more extreme. With this scenario at hand, the search engines have defined some set of rules that need to be followed if a website needs to be ranked higher in the search engine. So, this method is known as search engine marketing and it’s now very important to be ranked higher in Google.

What does search engine optimization cost?

The cost varies from website to website. As every website is different and needs different approach to get the SEO related problems solved. For example, e-commerce website would be more into product listing optimization where as a general CMS would be related to blog content optimization.

Why use search engine optimization?

The use of Search Engine Marketing is to rank higher on Google and to be placed in front of potential consumers.

What is white hat Search Engine Optimization?

Following good practices and methodologies to get website optimized for search engine is known as white hat SEO. Anything that doesn’t involve cheating or involves money to buy the rank is considered white hat SEO.

What are the best tool for Search Engine Optimization?

The best tools for doing SEO is SEMrush, MOZ, Ahrefs, and some others. All these tools do a good job of highlighting the problems, but the real part is solving those problems in the most efficient manner.

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