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How to create an eBook to sell on Amazon.

December 29, 2019
Asfand yar


How to get more reach for sell on Amazon

1. Get Sigil and Kindle Previewer

2. Make an ePub file using Sigil

3. Work on the design

4. Convert your ePub file

5. Upload your eBook

Get your eBook On Amazon?

Create an Amazon KDP Account.

Add Your eBook To The Bookshelf.


Writing an eBook can be an exciting, but also daunting experience.  For many bloggers, it is not the writing of the book that causes confusion, but selling the eBook online once it’s finished.  Of course, you can sell your eBook on your own website and you also have the option to make it an affiliate product for other bloggers, but what about other avenues.  How can you sell your eBook on Amazon?

In this age, to sell on Amazon is easy. You have to develop strategies to be seen and known by customers. Writing an eBook could be a really wonderful experience, at the same time, it could be quite hard too. Even though for a lot of people, it’s not the writing experience that is hard but it’s the process to sell those books they find the most difficult. On Amazon, you can publish your book for free and millions of people would have access to buying your book. EBooks are a great way to create an educational experience with your followers. You can provide in-depth training and guidance to your followers via these eBooks.

How to get more reach for sell on Amazon:

Amazon is an amazing platform to sell books online. It has millions of users all over the globe. Amazon accepts only kindle format of the eBooks and this process could be hard for a lot of people. This is not a major problem because Amazon automatically converts your book once you upload it. Amazon rules the book market and its review system is an authentic market. Amazon opens whole new opportunities for you once you upload your book there.

According to a survey, 22% of the books that are bought are actually eBooks and 42% of all the book purchases are eBooks. Here are a few steps that will help you create an eBook to sell on Amazon:

1. Get Sigil and Kindle Previewer:

For starters, you should download Sigil and Kindle Previewer. They are two separate software and they are free. You will do most of your work in Sigil. You need Kindle Previewer to convert to MOBI to upload your book on Amazon.

2. Make an ePub file using Sigil:

For making an ePub file, you will need to use Sigil. This is the most important and the most difficult step of making an eBook for Amazon. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You just need to have a thorough understanding of HTML and you need to get familiar with how Sigil works.

When you open Sigil, go to the top left side and you will see the book browser there. Right-click on the folders to add any items. Add text for each chapter and you can alter or modify the text styles as well. You can also add images. To add images, go to the images folder and choose “Add existing files”.

3. Work on the design:

You need to design the cover page and can do this yourself but it’s better to get this job done by spending some money. You should look into “99 Designs or Crowdspring”, it is an affordable crowd-sourcing service. Ask for an image that is a JPEG file and at least 2500 pixels on the longest side with a height/weight ratio of 1.6 (what Amazon recommends in their publishing guidelines).

4. Convert your ePub file:

You need to convert your ePub file into MOBI using Kindle Previewer. You should see how your book looks on the Kindle and if you’re satisfied, you can go ahead with publishing it.

5. Upload your eBook:

 For the last step, upload your eBook on Amazon. Go to Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon and login to your account. Add your contact information and choose how you would like to get paid and choose the currency as well. 

Get your eBook On Amazon?

Amazon is one of the best places to buy and sell books online as it has hundreds of millions of users from around the world.  Getting your eBook on Amazon opens the door to a lot more people than you could ever hope to get with a normal website, which is why it is SO important that you get yours listed on there.

Amazon only accepts Kindle formats of eBooks, which can put many bloggers off from using the service as they feel that this process must be difficult.  This however isn’t the case and shouldn’t be a stumbling point for you because Amazon will automatically convert your eBook when you upload it.  Pretty exciting right?!

Selling your eBook on Amazon is not as difficult as it first sounds.  Whilst trying to work through the myriad of Amazon rules and regulations it can appear to be a minefield.  You will however be pleased to hear that there are actually only a few simple steps that you need to take to get your eBook listed for sale.

Create an Amazon KDP Account

The first thing you need to do is open up a KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account with Amazon.  You can sign up for this for free at the following link – (If you already have an account with Amazon, you can use the same login details.)

Don’t worry too much if your eBook is not in Kindle format, you still need to sign up.  Your eBook will be converted to Kindle at a later point, so try not to worry.

Once you are all signed up, you will be taken to your “Bookshelf”.  This will list all the books that you have available for sale on Amazon.  This will obviously be empty right now…. but not for long!

Add Your eBook To The Bookshelf

In only a few more steps your e-book will be available for sale with Amazon – it truly is as easy as that!

In the top left hand corner of your KDP account, you will see a tab “Add New Title”.  Click on this tab and it will take you through to the page where you can start entering all the details of your book.

If you have read all of these steps, they will definitely help you create an eBook to sell on Amazon. Good luck!

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